N ew Digital Economy

Simply put, to continue leading as a legal service provider we must play in the Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer tech space.

With the same foresight and conviction that we showed in the late 90s with the arrival of the Internet and the so-called “Dot-Com Boom”, we have actively sought to understand and participate in the New Digital Economy, and it is in this context and in keeping with our institutional embracing of innovation as a core value of our Firm that we launched the Cweb3 Initiative aimed at placing our Firm at the forefront of legal innovation as part of the transformational technological developments the world is rapidly undergoing, including the emergence and growth of digitalization, technologically disruptive businesses, artificial intelligence and e-business generally.

Through the Cweb3 Initiative, and by advising a host of technology-based companies, including software and hardware developers and digital platforms, as well as start-ups including many FinTech, HeatlthTech, EdTech and PropTech companies within our Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez Emprende platform, our Firm is able to advise clients in connection with all legal aspects and considerations, including regulatory, intellectual property, data privacy, taxation and transactional, arising in Mexico in connection with:


– Web 3.0 applications

– Blockchain

– Smart contracts

– Crypto

– NFTs

– Tokenization


– Metaverse

– Artificial Intelligence

– Machine Learning

– Digitalization