M exico's New National Anti-Corruption System


The legal reform underlying The National Anti-corruption System (NAS), which entered into force on July 19, 2017 in Mexico City, is the most comprehensive, coherent and consistent legal tool adopted in the history of Mexico in order to curb corruption.

The General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, which is the substantive axis of the National Anticorruption System (SNA), entered into force on July 19, 2017. The SNA consists of four new statutes and amendments to five existing statutes. The legal reform underlying SNA is the most comprehensive, coherent and consistent legal tool adopted in the history of Mexico to curb corruption. Please refer to our article in the following link for further detail about the SNA:


There are fundamental aspects of the SNA that are still pending, namely the enforcement mechanisms as well as the deployment of robust anticorruption systems at the State level. On the enforcement front, as a result of a political impasse, appointments are still pending with respect to the Anticorruption Prosecutor and the Justices of the Federal Administrative Justice Court that will have jurisdiction over corruption cases. On the other hand, some of the States were able to adopt local anticorruption systems in the past few days, just barely in time to comply the July 19, 2017 deadline. However, such local systems are far from an operational deployment.

Notwithstanding these delays, the Coordinating Committee and the Citizens Participation Committee continue to work on a complete and effective deployment of the SNA. Accordingly, an increase in enforcement activity of corruption cases in Mexico will likely follow in the near future.

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