M exico - 2018 Preliminary Election Briefing


On July 1, 2018, the much anticipated 2018 general election took place in Mexico in an orderly and peaceful manner. Based on the number of offices/elected officials up for election, the 2018 general election was the largest ever election in Mexico’s history, and included ballots for President, Federal Congress (both houses), nine State Governorships and thirty State legislatures.

In accordance with preliminary official reports from the National Elections Institute (Instituto Nacional Electoral; www.ine.mx), results appear to be as follows:

Presidential Election:

Andres Manuel López Obrador, the Presidential candidate for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia (“JHH”) obtained approximately 53% of the popular vote, and is poised to become Mexico’s President for the term 2018-2024.

All other major presidential candidates have publicly conceded the election to Lopez Obrador.

Congressional Elections:

In terms of the Federal Congress, JHH is likely to become the single largest group in Congress, and is on track to win the majority of the seats in the Lower House (Cámara de Diputados), and the Senate.

Constitutional amendments, including changes to the constitutional framework anchoring the 2013 energy, telecommunications and education reforms, require a 2/3 approval of attendees constituting a simple majority in both houses of Congress, and the affirmative vote of the majority of State legislatures. All legislative initiatives are subject to Presidential veto.

For the first time ever, Senators and members of the Lower House will be subject to reelection.

State Elections:

Of the nine elections for Governor, JHH is currently on track to win five (including Mexico City), the coalition Por México al Frente is leading in three races and Movimiento Ciudadano in one.

The results summarized above are preliminary in nature, and are pending full tally of all outstanding voting precincts. Once the tally is complete, election results must be sanctioned and certified by the competent electoral authorities. Such certification may be challenged under applicable election laws.

We will keep you timely apprised of developments in the electoral process, and the implications and opportunities arising therefrom.

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