M ercado de Capitales

La Firma ofrece asesoría legal integral en el área de Mercado de Capitales. Contamos con una amplia experiencia representando a emisoras, agentes colocadores y otros participantes en el mercado de capitales, en relación con operaciones en mercados nacionales  e internacionales, incluyendo:

  • ofertas públicas iniciales (IPOs)
  • ofertas de valores de deuda, incluyendo valores de alto rendimiento (high-yield)
  • ofertas de instrumentos estructurados
  • bursatilizaciones y ofertas de instrumentos respaldados por activos

Como parte de nuestra práctica de Mercado de Capitales, asesoramos a clientes en diversos aspectos de gobierno corporativo aplicables a emisoras mexicanas.

Chambers and Partners (www.chambersandpartners.com) y IFLR 1000 (www.iflr.com)  han reconocido a nuestro Despacho como Leading y Tier 1, respectivamente, en materia de Mercado de Capitales, y han señalado a varios de nuestros socios como líderes en dicha área de práctica.

En relación con nuestra experiencia en el área de Mercado de Capitales, Chambers and Partners (www.chambersandpartners.com) señala:

«They provide a seamless coverage of your matter, and are able to offer true depth across the spectrum: in my opinion, this is one of the best firms in Mexico.»

“This long-established Mexican firm comfortably maintains its leading position due to its formidable reputation.”

IFLR 1000 escribe:

“Creel is widely recognized for its expertise in banking, capital markets and project finance. The firm has participated in some of Mexico´s most innovative transactions over the years. It was involved in developing the new certificados de capital de desarrollo”, or CKDs, which were introduced to the market in 2009.”

“…Lawyers at the firm are very dedicated, knowledgeable, and business-savvy…”

Legal 500 (www.legal500.com) escribe lo siguiente:

«A ‘pioneer in Mexico‘ where it has stood at the forefront of capital markets practice for over 20 years.»

‘An undoubted powerhouse’ in capital markets matters… providing ‘advice that is always accurate and spot on’; ‘I’d trust them with my eyes closed’.

“One client noted that ‘I love to work with this firm since they always know what the client is looking for and they have the business sense required for these type of transactions’. The team is ‘one of the most specialised’ in capital markets work.”